To tackle the challenges of the future we need to approach them from the right perspective. Gathering information about people and their contexts is key to finding value conflicts that can lead to meaningful innovations. Listed here are a selection of projects in which I conducted various research activities related to this expertise.
When contextual information is held under a critical lense it can lead to new knowledge and insights. When formulated in the right way they can inspire new ideas and out of the box solutions, an intuitive process where designers really distinguish themselves.
Concepts, hypotheses and ideas all need to be experienced to judge their appropriateness. By bringing them to life in physical or digital form people can be immersed in an interplay between human and the things we design. The projects listed show examples of the prototypes I have created.
Deeply embedded in humans is the ability to transfer knowledge and create. From the early stages of conveying ideas to communicating matured concepts to others we need to channel this creativity to visualize our work. Below are projects and works that contributed to my development in this area of expertise.
Design touches upon many expertises and therefore cooperating with others is extremely important. Every project needs its own network of knowledge, skills and stakeholders. This competency tackles the skills to set up, maintain and make efficient use of this network.